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Digital Forensic Training for Law Enforcement and Digital Forensic Professionals
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Digital Forensic Training for Law Enforcement & Forensic Professionals

Our digital forensic training curriculum has been developed by some of the industries leading examiners. We offer digital forensic training for Law Enforcement, as well as general analysis and acquisition for examiners of all skill levels.

We provide digital forensic training that covers advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific, and platform-neutral training; providing you with skills that go beyond standard logical acquisition and analysis efforts.

Discover the latest techniques in:

  • Advanced-Data Analysis
  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • IoT Device Repair and Analysis
  • Chip Removal For Examination
  • SQLite Forensics
  • Tool specific Training
  • and much more

Law Enforcement Teaching Law Enforcement

Our instructors are made up of both active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who understand the legal, investigative, and technical needs required when performing an examination. In many instances, your instructor will be one of the course creators, allowing you to dive deep into the subject matter and receive hands-on expertise.

Digital Forensic Training for Law Enforcement

Below you will find a selection of classes reserved for Sworn Law Enforcement Only (LEO.)

We often get asked why some of our classes are restricted to Law Enforcement only. We offer specialized training that is restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies due to the sensitive nature of our industry and are commited to doing our part to protect the data recovery and analysis techniques used in the field.

All potential students are subject to vetting prior to enrollment. While there are exceptions to this policy, we reserve the right to refuse registration to any person that does not meet our established criteria.

In order to qualify for registration students must be employed by one of the following agencies:

  • Police / RCMP
  • Military
  • Government Agent
  • Border Security
  • and in some instances retired Law enforcement officers

If you have been contracted by one of the above-listed agencies to perform digital forensic examinations on their behalf and are interested in our LEO training, please contact our office to further discuss eligibility at