8-Day Combined ISP/Chip-Off Forensics

Combined Digital Forensic Training

Teel Tech Canada is now offering an 8-day Combined ISP/Chip-Off 2.0 training. In this class, Digital Forensic Investigators will explore the foundations of both In-System Programming and Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics.

Our combined courses provide students with the advantage of learning two techniques that are essential in your digital forensic investigation at the same time. While the courses are slightly condensed, we’ve ensured that students receive the same level of training as our individual ISP and Chip-Off classes.

In this class you’ll explore the latest in chip removal and data acquisition techniques; refine soldering skills with ample practice time; receive free tools with registration, plus much more.

FREE! Students receive with training:

  • E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool
  • Medusa Pro Box
  • Teel Tech Z3x Kit
  • Students will gain a comprehensive understanding and the skills to perform ISP extractions from devices with eMMC and eMCP memory.
  • Students learn how to determine if a cell phone supports the ISP process, locate the ISP connection points, then using a hardware / software combination of tools, connect to the phone and download its contents.
  • Students are provided with three sets of phones to perform chip-off extractions to understand tracing & connection points.
  • Students will remove chips from devices, locate ISP connection points using back tracing techniques, and then apply the ISP process to an identical phone to download the flash memory.
  • Students learn finer precision soldering skills as they solder to the resistors and capacitors of the PCB. And practice, practice, practice!

***Pre-requisites: Students should have basic soldering skills and be comfortable working at the PCB level.

  • Newest BGA chip pinout layouts
  • Applying proper techniques for non-heat chip removal
  • Pros and cons of physical manipulation caused by heat or friction removal techniques
  • Updated heat removal processes
  • Introduction to monolithic devices and data recovery techniques
  • New tools and techniques for chip-off extraction

Laptop Minimum Requirements

We encourage students to bring their own laptops whenever possible. If this is not possible, Teel Technologies Europe will provide one for you. If you are bringing your own laptop, please indicate it on the class registration form.

Below you will find our list of laptop requirements; please ensure the following requirements are met.

For instruction on How to Turn off Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 8.x – 10.x, follow our easy 6 Step Guide.

 Laptop Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.x and 10.x
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows 7
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows 8.x and Win 10.x
  • macOS alone will not work (No Virtual Machines)
  • 8GB RAM (minimum)
  • 100GB storage (minimum)
  • You must have admin rights or have the admin password for software installation.
  • NOTE: ALL Windows updates should be done prior to class.


    • Cellebrite P.A. Dongle
    • Encase, FTK, X-Ways Dongle
    • Access to a HEX editor
    • External USB 3.0 Storage Device