TracIP - Training Partner

Upcoming Digital Forensic Classes in Messein, France

TracIP – BUREAUX PARIS NORD EST- 14 rue de l’Aqueduc, Paris, France, 75010

Our Training Partner – TracIP

TracIP has been the leading provider to the Police and Gendarmerie units and entities of the French Armed Forces for more than a decade. TracIP was born from a group of highly talented computer engineers, that specialize in damaged digital data, media recovery, and the investigation of digital media.

Through the use of a variety of investigative tools, TRACIP quickly became specialists in the field of digital forensics and was naturally brought in to test the industry’s latest technology,  equipment,  and techniques. We are one of the leading advisers, distributors, and trainers in France’s computer, mobile and digital investigation technology industry.

 Classes held in France are conducted in French. 

TracIP offers classes in both Paris & Messein, France.