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mh GmbH Services Training Center3Due to the complexities and logistics of holding classes in a host location, we do request the host location meet the following conditions to ensure a successful class experience for all involved.

In order to host your own digital forensics training class, we require a minimum of 6 students and a training location. Below you will find the rest of our requirements for hosting

Proper Electricity for Each Student

In class, all students perform practical lessons simultaneously with tools that require significant power. Therefore, the electricity requirements are higher than a normal classroom. The following serves as a guideline to ensure the classroom meets the minimum requirements for power for 12 students max.

JTAG Forensics

Classroom requires the equivalent of 6 dedicated 15amp outlets each to its own breaker.

Chip-off/ISP Forensics

Classroom requires the equivalent of six dedicated 20amp outlets each to its own breaker.

Room Size Requirements – Workbenches & Tables

The room should be no smaller than 40’ long x 25’ Wide, or large enough to accommodate up to 12 students and the instructor. Each student and instructor will require a 5’ or 6’ table or workbench that will provide ample space for workbench gear and performing practicals. The practical lessons can be messy work, so we don’t want to use nice classroom desks if it can be avoided. We request that a picture of the classroom and each outlet be emailed to us prior to scheduling.

Wireless Internet Access

Often updates are required for software used in class. Unrestricted internet is a must, as we are often updating boxes and software from hosts all over the world. If this cannot be arranged, Teel Technologies requests permission to bring Cellular Data Hotspots (MiFi) into the facility to connect to the wireless network. Internet access is required.

Projector and Screen

Teel Technologies asks the host location to provide a projector and screen.

Storage and Classroom Setup

Teel Tech Europe will need a point of contact to ship equipment needed for training and assurance that the equipment will be stored in a secure location. We will also require access to the classroom the day before training begins to set up the classroom.

For information about scheduling a class, please fill out the form below:

Please include which class you would like to run, and approximately how many students will be attending.

Course Course Code Price Per Student Duration Min-Max Students LE Only? Laptop Required

 Teel Tech Europe Courses

NEW! Online SQLite Complete Forensics AT-SQLITE-ONLINE $3950.00 USD 10 Days (4 hours per day 6-20 Yes Yes
Coming Soon! Board Level Repair AT-BLR $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-9 No Yes
Embedded Hardware Analysis & Acquisition AT-EHAAT $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-10 No Yes
Essential Smart Phone Forensics AT-ESSMART $2950.00 USD 5 Days 6-12 No Yes
JTAG Forensics with Certification AT-JTAG $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-9 No Yes
Chip-Off Forensics with Certification AT-CHIPOFF $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-9 Yes Yes
ISP (In-System Programming) Forensics AT-ISP $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-9 Yes Yes
Advanced Flasher Box Bootloader Training AT-FLASHBOX $3950.00 USD 5 Days 6-9 No Yes

8-Day Combined Training

CHIP-OFF/ISP Combined Forensic Training AT-ISP/CHIP $7250.00 USD 8 Days 6-10 Yes Yes


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