Digital Forensic Training and Tools

Teel Technologies Europe offers Digital Forensic training and equipment to Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, & other forensic professionals across Europe and The UK.

Welcome to Teel Technologies Europe

Teel Technologies Europe is proud to offer our Digital Forensic Training and products to professionals throughout Europe and the UK.

We have been providing training in Europe since 2015; successfully training members from Police and Military Agencies in Germany, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, and are happy to announce the recent addition of Poland.

Bringing quality, cost-effective,platform-neutral education to the community, Teel Technologies’ courses cover both advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific training per customer requirements. Our current course offerings, including Advanced Analysis, Smart Phone Forensics, BlackBerry Forensics, and Device repair / Chip removal for examination, provide practitioners with skills that go beyond the standard logical acquisition and analysis efforts.

Our tool-specific classes are custom-configurable for each client, based upon their specific requirements or tool deployments. We have a complete mobile classroom that enables us to bring the classroom to the students and set up where needed.

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Our European Partners

TRACIP | France

TRACIP is one of the leading advisers, distributors, and trainers in France’s computer, mobile and digital investigation technology industry. Classes held at this location are conducted in French.

mH Service | Germany

With more than 20 years’ experience, mh-SERVICE GmbH is one of today’s leading providers and suppliers of products and services related to computer forensics in Germany.

OnRetrieval | Spain

OnRetrieval is a Spanish company specializing and certified in computer data recovery. We offer the most innovative and preventive solutions on the market to recover our clients’ information, guaranteeing the recovery of their data and ensuring the continuity of their business.

Data Expert | Netherlands

With 25+ years in the digital forensic industry, DataExpert has become an independent knowledge base, and partner in technology with the mobile and computer forensic community throughout The Netherlands.

ForenTec | Switzerland

ForenTec is a Swiss-based company that specializes in IT security and IT forensics. Their services include prevention, detection, and rapid and professional response to risks or specific malfunctions related to individual data carriers or the entire IT infrastructure of an organization.

Blue Lights Digital | United Kingdom

Avatu training is run in partnership with our technology partners. Courses are held at the Avatu Academy, near Aylesbury (an hour from London, less from the Midlands.)

Media Recovery | Poland

Media recovery is the largest and longest-running computer forensics laboratory and ​​IT security in Poland. We have undergone extensive training in North America and Western Europe to provide the Polish market with the latest technology and techniques.